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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Obama Boy

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted...hopefully this makes up for it.

My brother is selling a house, and thought he would do some creative advertising, so he chose me to help him make some videos because I'm good at making  fool of myself.


Friday, March 28, 2008


So Kadee and I are having a debate on which of the following shoes are the best looking and that I should buy...without us telling you which one each of us like, please let me know which one you like the best. Thanks for your input!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More madness

So my two teams got knocked out 1st round. Byu...duh, I'm not surprised. USC happened to run into one of the best underachieving teams in the country. My gut instinct was K-State could make a run to the Final Four with THE BEST PLAYER IN THE COUNTRY in Michael Beasley, and several other PTPers in the lineup, its just a matter of hitting the big shots. Beasley alone can dominate a game, meaning they are never out of a game. Despite my gut instincts, my bias towards SC got me in trouble and put them through to the Sweet 16.

....Did you see Duke almost lose? That alone would have made my day. We all know Duke is everyone's favorite team to hate! I think everyone watching that game was just hoping for one of those Hoosier moments, where some no named white kid with no athleticism, but that pure stroke, drains some prayer shot....just like the one he used to shoot against his barn door back in Indiana.

So here's my sleeper teams for the tournament...we'll see how they do:

Michigan State
Kansas State
San Diego
Washington State

I think Michigan State could really bust some brackets by not only beating trendy pick Pittsburgh, but also knock off Memphis. They have the inside game and with Senior leadership in their point guard, they can control the game in the clutch and pull the upset.

Kansas above

San Diego....maybe this is biased as well, but I can see them pulling the upset over UConn. UConn is about as talented as they come, however, they are flawed and lack energy at times. They don't do very well coming from behind and San Diego feeds on momentum. If they do get by UConn, the tide could take them past an undersized Drake team. In addition they are playing just an hour away from home, so you know that place will be all about the freaking Toreros!

Last but not least Washington State is the perfect tournament team that no one expects to win, that does! They are formed in the Big Ten style behind the coaching of the Bennetts. Great defense, senior guard leadership, great defense, a clutch go to guy in D Low and did I mention great defense...and to prove my point, Winthrop managed a measley 11 points in the 2nd half tonight. At least there is one Cougar team that can come through in the tourney.


March Madness has begun! So far today, the games have gone pretty much as expected. The only surprise was the UNLV game, not that they won, but that Kent State only managed 10 points in the first half! You work all season long to make the tournament and you drop a ten spot in the first 20 minutes....ouch! My boy Antonio Gates just lost his bragging rights for the next year. Hopefully tonight's games will provide a little more excitement. Go USC! Go BYU!

Monday, March 17, 2008


So I just wanted to talk about kids these days.  A lot is said about how kids are worse than they ever have been.  You hear just about once a month of some depressed kid gone AWOL and shooting up his/her school and them killing themselves.  You hear old grannies yelling at kids driving too fast or how kids "back in the days" used to have manners.  Too much is said about the negative aspects on kids these days.

Let me go on record by saying that kids these days are better than they ever have been!  You can blame the media for the bad rap or you can blame the small few that ruin it for everyone else.  In the past few years, I've had the opportunity to work closely with many of today's youth, both through teaching seminary and bible studies and also at work.  They are smarter than ever, they are better prepared for real life than anyone in my graduating class, they cope with life's trials and afflictions like seasoned adults, and they are full of desire to serve God. 

Seminary was supposed to be cancelled today due to Rancho Bernardo High School being off for some "Teacher Development Day" or something.  Last week when I announced that Seminary was going to be cancelled on Monday, some of the kids asked if we could have Seminary anyways.  More and more jumped in and asked to have class.  I agreed to have class and told them they could invite anyone else who wanted to come.  We ended up having about 15 students show up today.  I don't know about you, but I can't imagine even one student wanting to willingly wake up for a religious class at 6 am on a Monday morning back when I was in high school.  

The youth today are filled with the Spirit of the Lord, they serve others, they support each other through hard times, they trust in God, they sacrifice their time and talents, and most importantly, they do all of this willingly!

I'll end this in the words of a wise woman "I believe the children are the future, teach them well and let them lead the way!"

The beginning

Ok, so I decided to finally cave in to blog mania and put my thoughts down from time to time.   I think I'm going to just write my random opinions and not really go with any kind of organization pattern.

What old school dance move do you enjoy watching the most?